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  • Tyrone "Red" Cooley

    I'm gonna be honest, at the time when Miya told me we were interviewing Red, who owned West End and it being a shop he got from Julia and Foot who you will learn more about, I thought he was gonna be old. Not old like 40 so to speak, old like 60 and smaller. I really don't know why. As you can se...

  • Miya Bailey Tattoos Zulu

    Imagine if you got the meet someone that you have admired for years and based your whole career largely around everything they did. Imagine that this person was cool as hell in person and the relief you feel from them not being lame. Then imagine that this person asked you to do that thing you've...

  • Kirk Boutte of Effum BodyWorks

    The extremely hospitable gentleman and saint, Kirk Boutte was one of our favorite interviews. Could it be because he wined and dined us in true #fattyeats style? Possibly, but mostly because of his candor and wisdom during this interview.

    Kirk has been operating Effum for over 15 years to this...