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Watch Tuki Carter

Watch Tuki Carter

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  • Ryan Henry

    At two years of experience, Ryan Henry was the HNIC of the Chicago tattoo scene. 4 years later, things haven't changed. His grip on that title has only tightened and the business is still growing.

    Instead of a only a private studio with a few friends around, Ryan now runs 9 Mag Tattoo shop in ...

  • Damon Conklin

    The screen shot should give you an idea of how colorful this interview was, visually and audibly. Damon Conklin is one of the most well respected artists in the industry period, the white side and black side, despite the fact he downplays any inkling of talent or business savvy on his part.


  • Imani K Brown

    This is one of those interviews that really lets you know about a particular time and place in a person's life. If you ever get a chance, ask Imani about how many things changed not even since then to now, but in the 3 years alone it took us to finish the film.

    Miya always spoke highly of how ...